The Sims FreePlay update released, adds Downtown, Sim Town Hospital, and Doctor profession

Sims FreePlay Sim Town Hospital, Doctor professionAs expected, EA has released the latest update for The Sims FreePlay on mobile, dubbed the “Doctor, Doctor” update. As the name suggests, the update’s big new feature is the addition of the Sim Town Hospital, which unlocks the Doctor profession, along with a new Downtown area of the game.

In order to access the Downtown area, you must first build the Simtown Express (requirements: Level 15, “The Mysterious Island” quest complete). Once built, you must complete the Train Station Discovery Quest, and then you are free to travel back and forth to the Downtown area.

Once Downtown, you can explore the new Sim Town Hospital, where you can send your Sims to complete work shifts as part of the new Doctor profession. Similar to the Police and Movie Studio careers, the Doctor profession allows you to escort your Sim to work and perform tasks with them, such as assisting patients, to progress through your career. Similarly, there are two career specialties within the Doctor profession (Doctor or Nurse), which will ultimately lead to two different tracks that’ll see your Sim promoted to the role of Chief Surgeon or Chief Nurse.

As you progress through the Doctor profession, you’ll unlock new areas within the hospital, such as the pharmacy, psychiatrist’s office, and radiology center.


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