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3DS Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Nintendo to hold Super Smash Bros. 3DS tournament at San Diego Comic-Con »

Nintendo is hosting its first-ever tournament for the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. at San Diego Comic-Con next week. Fans from all over are invited to come to the Nintendo Gaming…

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One Piece Unlimited World Red battle coliseum

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Cheats: Unlock characters in the Battle Coliseum »

When playing One Piece: Unlimited World Red’s Battle Coliseum mode, there are certain conditions you can meet to unlock new characters to use in this mode. Some characters have multiple conditions to…

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Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life Cheats (Nintendo 3DS): How to unlock additional areas around the island »

Tomodachi Life is a simulation game developed by Nintendo for the 3DS and 2DS handheld devices. You start by creating Mii characters and customizing everything about them. Then you can…

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Disney Magical World

Mickey meets Animal Crossing in Disney Magical World; coming to 3DS in April »

Nintendo and Disney Interactive announced today that Disney Magical World, a new handheld game featuring dozens of Disney characters from across the different Disney universes, will be available on its 3DS…

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Android News

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood promises Android players exclusive sale and new content »

Kris Jenner

In an attempt to make it up to Android players frustrated over the iOS-exclusive (RED) event for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood — which is being hosted through the iTunes App Store for charity — developer Glu Mobile has announced an exclusive sale event. “ANDROID PLAYERS –…

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EA Mobile celebrates 2 billion downloads with free goodies »

EA Mobile

EA Mobile — the division of Electronic Arts that oversees mobile game development — announced today a major milestone: their two billionth game download. “To put that into some fun perspective, even if you were to download one game per second, 24 hours a day…

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Escape Story Level 2 Walkthrough »

Escape Story walkthrough

Escape Story is the first episode of a new room escape game series from Mobest Media, though it’s listed on Google Play as developed by Goblin LLC. This first part is set in the middle of an Egyptian desert where you must solve the puzzles to uncover the mysteries of the…

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Brave Frontier adds daily tasks with latest update »

Brave Frontier Daily Tasks

The July update for Brave Fontier added a brand new feature called “Daily Task.” As the name suggests, these daily tasks are optional quests of sorts. Each day, when you log in, you should receive a pop up menu highlighting the three tasks for the day. These…

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iOS news

Can You Escape The Dark Mansion 2 Level 2 Walkthrough »

Can You Escape The Dark Mansion 2

Can You Escape The Dark Mansion 2 is the follow-up sequel game to the iOS room escape game, Can You Escape The Dark Mansion. The sequel puts…

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Top 10 iPhone games of December 2013 »

skulls of shogun

Quality Index has released its list of top 10 critically acclaimed iPhone games of December 2013. As is tradition, website takes reviews for mobile games…

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Clash of Clans gets a boost discount on Elixir and Barracks »

Clash of Clans boost

In a surprise announcement today, Clash of Clans developer SuperCell has confirmed that all Elixir collectors and barracks have received a discount for boosting — increasing…

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Candy Crush Saga developer King bringing Papa Pear Saga to mobile »

Papa Pear Saga

Candy Crush Saga developer, King, has announced plans to release its hugely popular Facebook game Papa Pear Saga on mobile devices early this fall. For those…

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Deals DOORS 4

DOORS 4 Walkthrough: Levels 17 18 19 20

DOORS 4 is a new puzzle-based room escape game from 205 Works. Like other games of this nature, the goal is to use the clues and hints provided to figure out a way to unlock and open the…

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Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Black Friday deals

Forget being constrained to the couch with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this holiday season; the Nintendo 3DS is easily one of this year’s better Black Friday deals. For those looking to grab a Nintendo…

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All Reviews Temple Run 2 zip line

Review: Temple Run 2 is a pleasant sequel that doesn’t stray far from the original path

How do you follow up a surprise hit game that saw 170 million downloads? Well, if your Imangi Studios you release a follow-up sequel that stays true to the original design. At least that’s the approach…

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Joe Danger Touch 1

Review: Joe Danger Touch proves console to mobile transition can be successful

Joe Danger is back by popular demand. Released on PSN back in 2009, this stunt bike riding, daredevil game was the epitome of a perfect downloadable title — simplistic yet challenging, entertaining, and affordable. And it’s polish…

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Android Walkthroughs The Sims FreePlay Northern Glade Castle

The Sims FreePlay: Royal Lineage Quest Walkthrough for Pet Fairies

With the new Royalty Update for The Sims FreePlay comes a brand new quest line, “The Royal Lineage,” which if completed will allow you to explore the castle, learn archery, and become a king or queen. If…

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The Sims FreePlay Lunar New Year 2015

The Sims FreePlay Lunar New Year 2015: Day 6 Walkthrough

Continuing the Lunar New Year in The Sims FreePlay, today (February 15, 2015) is day three of the event. We’ve got a whole new set of tasks to complete. Remember, completing the quest within the time limit…

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Game Updates The Sims FreePlay Royalty Update

The Sims FreePlay: Royalty Update full patch notes

As you’re probably well aware, yesterday EA released the Royalty Update in The Sims FreePlay. With it comes a ton of new features and additions, including a majestic and mysterious castle to explore, as well as…

Mar 18 2015 / Read More »
Clash of Clans Clan Badges

Clash of Clans gets sneak peeks for new update: Clan Badges, level 13 cannons, and more

A new update for Clash of Clans is on the way, but first developer Supercell Games is teasing a few of the new features and tweaks it’ll bring. While the update probably won’t go live until…

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