The Sims FreePlay ‘Downtown High School’ Update Released, Here’s What’s New

Sims FreePlay Downtown High School UpdateEA and developer Firemonkeys have released the ‘Downtown High School Update’ for The Sims FreePlay. As previously hinted, the update introduces a brand new Downtown High School for your teens to explore.

“Get ready for the first day at Downtown High School! Put your teens to the test in the latest update.”

The new update allows Sims fans to attend high school and explore the campus, similar to previous updates like the Movie Studio. While on campus, you can do things that any normal Sim teen would do: Daydream, throw paper planes, and create weird sciences experiments to gain access to the second floor (which includes the Principal’s Office, Staff Room, and more)!

In addition to the new Downtown High School, the update will bring the “Teacher’s Pet Discovery Quest.” On this quest you’ll explore the school grounds, and meet Vernon the Teacup Pig, which you may get to keep as your own adorable pet.

And lastly, a new Class Clown Hobby Event in classes like home economics and science. This event will unlock school-themed attire, like cheerleading outfits with their own unique actions that show off extra school spirit.

An all-new Aerobics Hobby Event will also be coming to The Sims FreePlay which you can complete to earn a stylish assortment of activewear.

The Sims FreePlay ‘Downtown High School’ Update is now available on iOS and Android.


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