September 2016 update: Legendary and Epic Chests coming to Clash Royale

Clash Royale - Legendary Chest

Supercell has begun teasing the September 2016 update for Clash Royale, revealing today two different types of chests that will contain guaranteed Legendary and Epic cards.

The first is the Legendary Chest, which is guaranteed to contain a Legendary Card from any Arena.

The second is an Epic Chest, which will contain only Epic Cards (will contain at least 10 Epic cards).

Both chests can be earned after battles (though it’s unclear how rare they will be) or through the ‘Special Offer’ menu in the Shop (500 Gems for Legendary Chest and 10,000 Gold for Epic Chest).

You can see a live example of the new Legendary and Epic Chests in the video below, courtesy of Chief Pat.

In addition to the two new types of chests, Supercell is also making it easier to acquire more of specific types of cards.

Special offer card stacks are being added to the Shop for newly released cards, “to help you get up and running when they’re released.”

And lastly, they are adding “Arena Packs” to the Shop, “which are special one-time offers available upon reaching a new Arena!”

The new update will likely go live with the balance changes on Monday, September 19th.


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