Clash of Clans Update: Will Boats Lead to Second Village?

As you’re probably well aware by now, Supercell is planning to release a massive update to Clash of Clans.

The developer officially started teasing the update this week, confirming boats will, in some way, play a part in the update. In fact, a minor update to the game yesterday actually added a shipwrecked boat that forum moderator LachNessBoatster said “needs repairing.” That hint, coupled with the lines spoken in the newly released teaser trailer, seems to suggest that something lie beyond the ocean. The question is what?

A newly leaked image suggests a second village — and that the shipyard (once fixed) will be the way to access it. Redditor SebixPhoenix actually shared a link to the image (possibly a Chinese promotional material) that is believed to represent the update.

Clash of Clans May Update shipyard and second island

Fellow Redditor MasterQNA translated the Chinese text found in the upper right side. Now, I don’t speak Chinese, but according to him: “The big text on the top right means ‘second village, night world of extreme speed’ and the small text below means ‘unprecedented huge update.'”

Now previous theories suggested that players would have to build a “shipyard” to access the other island. But as of the most recent island, it appears instead that players will have to fix the “broken boat” that popped up near their village. This all seems to add up and would suggest that the boat, when fixed, will serve as the passage between villages. I’ve also read that you only see the broken boat appear if you’re Town Hall 4 or above, which makes sense considering it wouldn’t make much sense to have a second village if you already have a low level one.

This certainly seems like the next logical step for Clash of Clans, especially for anyone familiar with Supercell’s other mobile game Boom Beach. If anything, this second village will make the game even more addicting than before as you will now have to put in twice the work to keep both villages successful.

Of course, this is all theory and none of it has actually been confirmed by Supercell. So while we wait for the official sneak peaks to start, let us know what you think the broken boat could symbolize for the next Clash of Clans update.



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