100 Zombies 2 – Room Escape Walkthrough: Levels 116 117 118 119 120

100 Zombies 2 – Room Escape is a sequel to Touchportal Games’ puzzle game 100 Zombies – Room Escape, picking up where its predecessor left off and continuing from level 81. It offers a zombie themed twist to other room escape games (100 Doors, 100 Floors, etc.), requiring you to pick up and use objects found in each room, shake your device, and solve other tasks. Below is the complete walkthrough for all levels in 100 Zombies 2 – Room Escape; be sure to check back with each update as more rooms are added. You can download 100 Zombies 2 – Room Escape for Android or iOS.

Room/Level 116 Answer: Enter the combination “4124” into the keypad. How we solved it: Count the number of 45 degree angles in each shape from top to bottom.

Room/Level 117 Answer: Figure out what the colors would be for the squares on the doors if you were to combine the colors of the squares on the side walls.

  • Top square = Green + Red = Yellow
  • Bottom square = Blue + Red = Purple

Room/Level 118 Answer:  Press the buttons and the clue paper in the following order: Bottom right green button, bottom left green button, Clue paper (on the door), top middle square button, top left square button.

Room/Level 119 Answer: To open the door, all the lights have to be on at the same time. Pressing each button, will turn on a light after a delay.

1st button = left light = On after 10 seconds, On for 5 seconds (10 to 15)
2nd button = bottom light = On after 4 seconds, On for 3 seconds (4 to 7)
3rd button = right light = On after 7 seconds, On for 2 seconds (7 to 9)
4th button = top light = On after 2 seconds, On for 2 seconds (2 to 4)

Solution: Press the 1st button, wait 5 seconds, Press the 3rd button and 2nd button, wait 5 seconds, Press the 4th button.

Room/Level 120 Answer: Tap the zombie hands that appear on the screen. If you tap 20 hands, the door will open.

Congratulations! You’ve completed rooms 116-120 of 100 Zombies 2, and have completed all of the levels of the initial launch of 100 Zombies 2. If the walkthrough has helped, like this page, and remember to check back for answers when the next update arrives.



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