Zombies, Run! 2 confirmed for spring 2013

Popular smartphone fitness game Zombies, Run! will be getting a sequel. Confirmed on the game’s official blogZombies, Run! 2 will be released in spring 2013, and will continue the adventure with some exciting new features.

“The story’s even more tense, the risks even greater, and the rewards higher – if things go right you, Runner 5, might just save the world. But you’ll have to run a long way to get there: Season Two is more than twice as long as Season One, with over 60 missions in total. Not only that, some missions will change dynamically based on when you run, the state of your base, and some other super-secret variables,” the description reads.

Additionally gameplay features include the ability to tailor Abel Township, the town in which Zombies, Run! is located, to your own design. Location-based missions will also be added in a new airdrop mode. A redesigned user interface has also been implemented, allowing for a much faster and easier navigation on the iOS and Android.

“Don’t worry, we’re not changing all the things you loved about Zombies, Run! As Runner 5, Abel Township still needs your help, though the stakes are now much higher, the drama more intense, and you might have to doubt the loyalty of people you’ve considered your friends. You’ll find out more about the mystery behind the zombie plague, and you’ll learn that the events of Zombies, Run! were just the precursor – Zombies, Run! 2 is where it gets serious. ”

Zombies, Run! 2 will be an update to the current app and will include a mixture of free and paid missions. More will be revealed in the New Year. Lastly, Zombies, Run! 2 will be available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android in Spring 2013.

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