You Must Escape Walkthrough: Level 5

You Must Escape is a room escaping puzzle game for Android devices in which your one and only mission is to find the way to open different doors and exit each and every room the adventure has to offer. Find and combine objects to solve puzzles. Beat each level by unlocking the door and escaping the room! Download the game here and check out our walkthrough below.

You Must Escape Level 5 Walkthrough

Step 1: Look at the sword on the wall and take the diamond out of the handle.

Step 2: Look at the shield on the wall and tap to move it. Put the diamond in the small hole, then tap the diamond to remove the brick. Take the bottle of wine inside.

Step 3: Put the bottle of wine in the blue container on the table, then take the key that floats to the top.

Step 4: Pick up the torch under the chair and use it on the right torch (next to the door) to light it.

Step 5: Go to the barrel with the candle on top and use the torch to melt away the wax on the barrel, revealing four shapes: circle triangle square circle

Step 6: Use the key to unlock the chest and put in the same shapes shown on the barrel:

  • Row 1 = circle triangle
  • Row 2 = square circle

Step 7: Take the key and use it on the door.

Congratulations, you’ve completed level 5 of You Must Escape. Continue to level 6.



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