You Must Escape Walkthrough: Level 16

You Must Escape is a room escaping puzzle game for Android devices in which your one and only mission is to find the way to open different doors and exit each and every room the adventure has to offer. Find and combine objects to solve puzzles. Beat each level by unlocking the door and escaping the room! Download the game here and check out our walkthrough below.

You Must Escape Level 16 Walkthrough

Step 1: Complete the puzzle on the wall and then tap it to move it. Take the flashlight.

Step 2: Tap the big crate on the right and take the fly walking around on the floor.

Step 3: Tap the cardboard box on the left (there’s a spider inside). Place the fly in the top left area so the spider moves to eat it. Take the battery.

Step 4: Look at the door and take the key already inside the keyhole.

Step 5: Look at the silver storage locker and note the number on the box next to it: 10.15″. Use the key on the silver storage locker to the right of the door. Open it and take the other part of the red object. Also take the red wire on the back of where you put the key in.

Step 6: Tap the bottom left corner of the room to look at the bottom of the ladder. Take the silver handle.

Step 7: Place the silver handle on the blue cupboard and open it.

Step 8: Build a bomb. Take the remote. Tap the battery, then tap the remote. Tap the two red sticks and tap the remote. Tap the wires and then tap the remote.

Step 9: Tap the big box, then place the bomb in the middle of the open area. Tap the bomb and enter the code “1015”. Move away, then look again and you will find a new tool.

Step 10: Climb up the ladder and use the tool to open the hatch.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 16 of You Must Escape. Continue to level 17.


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