You Must Escape 2 Walkthrough: Level 11

You Must Escape 2  is a room escaping puzzle game for Android devices. It is the sequel to Mobest Media’s You Must Escape. Similar to its predecessor, the goal is to find and combine objects to solve the puzzle. Can you escape all of the rooms? If you get stuck, below is a walkthrough.

You Must Escape 2 Level 11 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap the desk on the left and take the white 3D glasses frames.

Step 2: Tap the bottom left of the TV stand and plug the electric cable into the outlet.

Step 3: Tap the bookshelf on the right wall and take the TV remote control.

Step 4: Tap the top of end table stand that’s left of the door. Take the batteries and combine them with the remote control.

Step 5: Tap the TV to zoom in and use the remote control on it to turn it on. You’ll see a bunch of numbers.

Step 6: Tap the bottom of the left chair and take the purple/bluish lens of the 3D glasses. Put it into the white frames.

Step 7: Tap the plant and take the red lens. Put it into the white frames.

Step 8: Go back to the television and use the 3D glasses on it. Certain numbers will pop out in 3D: 3507.

Step 9: Tap the black and white picture on the wall and tap it again to move it over. Enter the code “3507”.

Step 10: Look at the piece of paper with the code and notice which boxes are red:

  • 2+1 = 3
  • 4+4 = 8
  • 6+2 = 8
  • 8+1 = 9

Step 11: Tap the part of the desk closest to you and enter the code “3889” to open the drawer. Take the knife.

Step 12: Tap the shoes that are next to the door to zoom in then tap them again to life one of them up. Use the knife on them to cut open the shoe, revealing the key card. Take the key card and use it on the door to escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 11 of You Must Escape 2. Continue to level 12.


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