You Must Escape 2 Walkthrough: Level 10

You Must Escape 2  is a room escaping puzzle game for Android devices. It is the sequel to Mobest Media’s You Must Escape. Similar to its predecessor, the goal is to find and combine objects to solve the puzzle. Can you escape all of the rooms? If you get stuck, below is a walkthrough.

You Must Escape 2 Level 10 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap the computer desk and take the yellow bullet.

Step 2: Tap the back of the wicker couch and take the hook crowbar.

Step 3: Tap the right side rug to zoom in on it and then tap it again to move it. Use the crowbar on the metal to lift it up. Take the gun.

Step 4: Tap the bookshelf and count the number of books on each shelf (from the top going down): 9, 5, 7, 3.

Step 5: Tap the TV stand and enter the code “9573” into the keypad to open the drawer. Take the gun clip.

Step 6: Combine the bullet with the clip, then combine the clip with the gun to load it.

Step 7: Before you do anything else, look at the pyramid on the wall and solve the puzzle to find the yellow, blue, red, and green numbers. Hint: the two bottom numbers always add up to the number above and between them. Example: 8 + 10 = 18. 18 + 18 = 36. So using that information here are the answers:

  • Blue = 3
  • Yellow = 5
  • Green = 8
  • Red = 1

Step 7: Now go back and tap the door on the left and use the gun to shoot a hole where the lock is. Open the door and you’ll be in a bathroom.

Step 8: Tap the cabinet below the sink and enter the code “3851” to open it. Take the wooden pole.

Step 9: Tap the right tile wall above the bathtub and use the crowbar on the tile with the chip in it. Take the rubber top of the plunger.

Step 10: Take the rubber and combine it with the wooden pole to create a plunger. Use the plunger on the bathtub to remove the water. Take the key.

Step 11: Go back to the main room and tap the desk drawer below the computer. Use the key to open the drawer. Take the key card and use it to escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 10 of You Must Escape 2. Continue to level 11.


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