Xbox Achievements arrive on iOS with launch of Wordament

Wordament on iOSMicrosoft has done something that many Windows Phone owners thought never possible — made Xbox Achievements available on iOS devices. On Friday, Microsoft released popular word puzzle game Wordament on iOS devices.

The concept of the game is rather simple, with players competing in a two-minute long word tournament in real-time, on the same board, against everyone else currently playing. Each board is unique and alternating rounds offer challenges for bonus points. Try and find the most words possible or earn scoring bonuses by finding longer words.

More important than the actual gameplay is what Wordament being released on iPod, iPhone, and iPad means for iOS owners. It means the arrival of Xbox Achievements, something I’m sure many thought would only be available on Microsoft’s exclusive Windows Phone. Will this pave the way for the release of more Xbox Achievement-enabled games on iOS?

Once you download the game, you can sign in with your Xbox account and begin Achievement hunting. There are 10 Achievements worth a total of 50 Gamerscore, so begin let the hunting begin!

You can download Wordament from the iTunes store today.


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