World of Tanks Blitz update 4.0: Rating Battles are here!

World of Tanks Blitz - Fort DespairContinuing to provide sneak peeks at the new features and changes coming to World of Tanks Blitz with update 4.0, Wargaming announced that Rating Battles are here.

As explained, these are no just random battles. In rating battles, you will face only “suitable” opponents. Additionally, victories are worth a lot, and battles are “filled with challenges.”

Rating battle is a separate battle type where teams are matched from players with the nearest ratings. Rating battles will run in seasons, with the first season starting right after the release of Update 4.0.

Here are some brief notes about Rating Battles in World of Tanks Blitz:

  • You can play alone or in a platoon in Tier IX-X vehicles only.
  • Victories bring rating points, while losses or draws deduct them.
  • Missions for regular battles can be performed in rating battles as well.
  • The matchmaker forms teams from players with the nearest ratings.
  • The teams are exactly equal in vehicle Tiers and number of platoons.
  • The difference in the number of vehicles of the same class between the teams should not exceed one vehicle.
  • The number of vehicles of the same class in each team is no more than four.
  • In Rating battles, you will earn or lose rating points, move between leagues, and go up and down the leaderboard. All these changes will be reflected in the Hall of Fame.

Also coming with update 4.0 in World of Tanks Blitz is a redesigned Fort Despair.


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