World Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

World Escape is the newest room-escape game from developer Mobest Media (Tedven on App Store). World Escape takes you on an epic adventure around the world, challenging you with puzzles in different locations, cultures, and situation. World Escape is available for iOS and Android devices.

World Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Step 1: First look under the middle pillow on the couch and take the item.

Step 2: Open the top drawer of the desk and take the scissors.

Step 3: Take the key with dirt in the potted plan. Clean off the key by putting it in the aquarium tank.

Step 4: Use the key to open the middle drawer and take the fishing spool.

Step 5: Use the scissors on the fishing spool, then attach the line onto the fishing rod.

Step 6: Use the fishing pole on the aquarium tank.

Step 7: Take the paper on the table. Use the item you got from the fish on the paper to reveal the numbers: 6582.

Step 8: Open the cabinet using the code “6582” and take the CD.

Step 9: Use the CD on the computer and tap the puzzle icon. Complete the puzzle and remember the colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red.

Step 10: Open the yellow box using the colors yellow, blue, green, red. Then take the key and use it to escape.

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