World Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

World Escape is the newest room-escape game from developer Mobest Media (Tedven on App Store). World Escape takes you on an epic adventure around the world, challenging you with puzzles in different locations, cultures, and situation. World Escape is available for iOS and Android devices.

World Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Step 1: Take the key in the fruit bowl.

Step 2: Lift the pillow on the right chair and take the item.

Step 3: Look under the umbrella and pick up the hidden razor blade.

Step 4: Use the razor blade to cut the string on the life preserver.

Step 5: Look behind the turtle picture. Open the bottom drawer with the key and take the item. Open the top drawer and take the bucket. Attach the rope to the bucket.

Step 6: Use the shovel on the potted plant to get the crumpled, dirty paper.

Step 7: Fill the bucket in the water. Put the dirty paper in the water bucket, then take it out. It’ll read: 4297.

Step 8: Use the binoculars on the island in the water to see the clue: banana, umbrella, life preserver, binoculars.

Step 9: Use the shovel to open the floorboard below the left chair. Enter the colors to match the clue on the island: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green.

Step 10: Take the key and open the door.

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