World Escape Level 1 Walkthrough

World Escape is the newest room-escape game from developer Mobest Media (Tedven on App Store). World Escape takes you on an epic adventure around the world, challenging you with puzzles in different locations, cultures, and situation. World Escape is available for iOS and Android devices.

World Escape Level 1 Walkthrough

Step 1: Take the rope from the left tree. Take the arrow from the right tree. Combine the two.

Step 2: Pick up part of the shove.

Step 3: Use the row & arrow combination to get the item in the tree.

Step 4: Pick up the other part of the shovel and attach it to the first part.

Step 5: Use the shovel to dig in the dirt.

Step 6: Rearrange the symbols to match what is shown on the scroll:

  • X above, O below
  • O above, X below
  • O left, X right
  • O above, X below

Step 7: Take the key and open the door.

Continue to World Escape Level 2.


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