Why Brawl Stars is not available on Android devices yet

Brawl StarsBrawl Stars is Supercell’s hot new ultra-lightweight MOBA. It soft launched a couple of week’s ago, but the beta is still not available on Android devices. In a developer update on Reddit, Supercell explained why.

According to the post, Brawl Stars uses a unique system of local servers, and the only live server right now is in Canada. The nature of an Android APK allows it to spread across the globe very quickly, and that would make it really hard for Android players to play. Here’s Supercell’s official post:

“Brawl Stars uses a unique system of local servers. This means that there would be different game environments based on your locale. Right now, the only live server is in Canada and we don’t have servers ready across the world. The nature of an Android APK is that it can be easily disseminated across the globe (and very quickly!) The games’ servers are not prepared for a global release, which is why we’re testing on iOS only right now.

On the bright side, Supercell is currently improving, polishing, and testing the game. Once the team feels like they have enough information, and that the game is in “excellent shape,” they’ll begin “to think” about a global release. But they aren’t there yet!



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