What’s The Saying Variety 1 Answers: Levels 21-30

What’s The Saying is a word-based puzzle game in which you must use the clue provided to guess the saying. Developed Candywriter, What’s the Saying is available for iOS devices. There are numerous levels and sayings available in the game. Below are the answers to What’s The Saying Variety #1.

Variety #1 Level 21 Answer: Diamond in the rough

Variety #1 Level 22 Answer: Bucket list

Variety #1 Level 23 Answer: White elephant

Variety #1 Level 24 Answer: Pair of pants

Variety #1 Level 25 Answer: Mountain

Variety #1 Level 26 Answer: Walk in the park

Variety #1 Level 27 Answer: Play on words

Variety #1 Level 28 Answer: Square root

Variety #1 Level 29 Answer: Barbershop quartet

Variety #1 Level 30 Answer: Outer space

Congratulations! You’ve solved the Sayings 21 through 30 of What’s the Saying Variety #1. Continue to Sayings 31 through 40.



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