What’s The Saying Variety 1 Answers: Levels 11-20

What’s The Saying is a word-based puzzle game in which you must use the clue provided to guess the saying. Developed Candywriter, What’s the Saying is available for iOS devices. There are numerous levels and sayings available in the game. Below are the answers to What’s The Saying Variety #1.

Variety #1 Level 11 Answer: Cross stitch

Variety #1 Level 12 Answer: Whiteboard

Variety #1 Level 13 Answer: Tip of the iceberg

Variety #1 Level 14 Answer: Time is up

Variety #1 Level 15 Answer: Once in a blue moon

Variety #1 Level 16 Answer: Dark room

Variety #1 Level 17 Answer: Hole in one

Variety #1 Level 18 Answer: Next to nothing

Variety #1 Level 19 Answer: Top dog

Variety #1 Level 20 Answer: Left overs

Congratulations! You’ve solved the Sayings 11 through 20 of What’s the Saying Variety #1. Continue to Sayings 21 through 30.



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