What’s The Saying Variety 1 Answers: Levels 1-10

What’s The Saying is a word-based puzzle game in which you must use the clue provided to guess the saying. Developed Candywriter, What’s the Saying is available for iOS devices. There are numerous levels and sayings available in the game. Below are the answers to What’s The Saying Variety #1.

Variety #1 Level 1 Answer: Falling asleep

Variety #1 Level 2 Answer: I understand

Variety #1 Level 3 Answer: Foot in the door

Variety #1 Level 4 Answer: Easy as pie

Variety #1 Level 5 Answer: Step back

Variety #1 Level 6 Answer: Man on the moon

Variety #1 Level 7 Answer: Banana split

Variety #1 Level 8 Answer: Blackjack

Variety #1 Level 9 Answer: For instance

Variety #1 Level 10 Answer: Separated at birth

Congratulations! You’ve solved the Sayings 1 through 10 of What’s the Saying Variety #1. Continue to Sayings 11 through 20.



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