War Escape Level 3 Walkthrough

War Escape is a new room-escape game for Android devices from developer Mobest Media. In the game, you’ll find yourself as a prisoner of war, trapped in a filthy bunker somewhere in continental Europe. Your mission is to escape this hostile place using your skills of solving puzzles, finding hidden objects, and acting smart — escape before it’s too late. If you need help, follow our walkthrough below.

War Escape Level 3 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap the left wall. Take the black square with the silver circle. Also take the broken tube.

Step 2: Tap the back door on the right wall. Flip the lever up to turn on the light.

Step 3: Open the box and flip the levers (going from left to right): Down, Up, Up, Down. Take the stick. Before going back, look at the map on the back wall. Notice the direction of the red squares.

  • Normal, Diagonal, Diagonal
  • Normal, Diagonal, Normal

Step 4: Tap the row of squares towards the front on the right wall (You’ll see one empty spot). Put the black square with the silver circle (from step 1) into the empty spot. Tap the squares so that they are the same direction as the clue from Step 3. Take the matches. Combine the Match with the Stick.

Step 5: Tap the middle door on the right wall. Use the broken tube (from step 1) on the door to create a handle. Tap it again to open the door. Use the lighted stick to light the room, revealing dynamite. Take the dynamite.

Step 6: Place the dynamite on the back door. Back up and press the trigger in the middle of the hall to blow the dynamite and escape.

Continue to level 4 of War Escape.


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