Vainglory Update 1.18 introduces Quests, changes to Chests


A new hero is the only new thing coming with Vainglory’s update 1.18. Detailed today, the update will bring Quests, new challenges that task you to prove your strength in-game.

Each day, new, unique ways to win rewards and expose hundreds of new quests by completing challenges and claiming prizes. Here are the details.

  • Complete quests regularly to unlock rewards.
  • Once the quest is completed, tap your quest to claim your prize!
  • After you claim your reward, a new quest will appear.
  • Check back often to find new quests.

In addition to quests, the team has made account progression “more fun and meaningful” by expanding it to 30 levels and rewarding players for each level achieved.

For new players just beginning Vainglory, you’ll have a new chest to open at every mini-milestone through their Vainglory journey. For longtime players, it’s a whole lot of “level-completed” chests to open, plus 10 new levels to earn even more rewards. Specifics are below.

  • Receive a chest each time your account goes up a level.
  • Veterans can immediately open chests for each level they previously achieved!
  • Progress bar in the app home page tracks your account level.
  • Level cap increased to 30 with new rewards for leveling up.

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