Vainglory Summer Beach Party Update (1.19) releasing this week, full patch notes here

If you couldn’t already tell by the heat, summer has officially kicked off, and Vainglory’s Summer Beach Party Update (1.19) has been released to celebrate. The new update introduces an entirely new progression system “focused on for for all players,” as well as exclusive seasonal skins and card events, a “summery” Halcyon Fold map, new quests, new in-game items, and a new roam hero. Get the details below.

Summer Party Krul Skin

Vainglory SUmmer Party Krul

Arriving in-game June 24, this seasonal skin can be unlocked with ICE or thorugh collecting special Summer Krul cards from post-match spoils, chests, a special ICE box and Summer events.

Big Rewards All Summer Long & “SEASON” Summer Chests

Vainglory chests

Update 1.19 adds a new “SEASON” tab within your player profile. Here, you’ll find new Summer Chest you can open every day, which may contain Glory, ICE, boosts, and Essence. Daily chests may also pay out Summer skin cards for limited-edition Beach Party Krul and two exclusive season mystery skins. The SEASON chest will rank up with you for better and better loot.

New Items & Ambient Gold

  • Ambient Gold: Whenever anyone kills a minion or monster, a nearby ally within 14 meters earns 75% of the bounty as bonus gold. If two allies are nearby, whichever hero has lower net worth earns the Ambient Gold.

Ironguard Contract (300 gold | Range 14m) Passive: When a nearby ally kills a jungle monster, you both heal for 75 health

Protector Contract (300 gold | 8m) Active: Grants a 120 health barrier to the nearest ally hero for 2 seconds. 5s cooldown. 2 max charges. 20s per charge.

More items can be found here.

Halcyon Fold Map

New Roam Hero: Lyra

Lyra uses healing and protective magic to turn enemy positions into powerful zones for her allies. Utility and defense items improve her role as a healer, while crystal items provide a devastating-but-fragile mage path.

Lyra is unlockable with ICE only for the first 7 days. Afterward, you can unlock her with ICE or Glory.

New Quests

New Quest Types:

  • Collect from Gold Mine
  • Get Assists
  • Win with Fewer than 5 Deaths
  • Use Glory Boost
  • Earn Gold

 For more details about Vainglory’s Summer Beach Party Update, check out the official announcement page.


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