Vainglory: New Hero ‘Reza’ out now, abilities and talents detailed

Vainglory - RezaVainglory’s newest hero Reza, has joined the fray with the release of update 2.7. While the update brings new skins, balance changes to virtually every single hero, and talent refunds for players, Reza is undoubtedly the highlight. So let’s take a look at what this new fiery assassin brings to the table.

New Hero: Reza

Hero Abilities

  • Scorcher (A): Reza smashes the ground, creating a fiery shockwave in front of him. Scorcher deals damage to anything it passes through and collides with the first enemy hero or large minion hit.
  • Troublemaker (B): Reza dashes to the target location, dealing damage to enemies he passes through. Reza’s next basic attack deals bonus crystal damage. This ability has two charges.
  • Netherform Detonator (Ultimate): Reza vanishes, then reappears at the target location in an empowered demon form. Upon reappearing, he unleashes a blazing explosion, damaging enemies and consuming Firestarter within the target radius. Reza then applies Firestarter to all enemies nearby.
  • Firestarter (Heroic Perk): Scorcher and Netherform Detonator apply Firestarter to enemy targets. Reza’s basic attacks consume Firestarter, dealing crystal damage.

Hero Talents

  • Burning Barrier (Rare): Troublemaker (B) grants Reza a barrier for a short duration.
  • Firemaker (Epic): Troublemaker applies Firestarter to enemy heroes he passes through.
  • Nether Rage (Legendary): Netherform Detonator (Ult) grants Reza bonus attack speed and lasts longer.

Reza Lore

Reza is unlockable with ICE only for the first seven days. Afterward, you will be able to unlock him with ICE or Glory.


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