Top 10 iPhone games of December 2013

Quality Index has released its list of top 10 critically acclaimed iPhone games of December 2013. As is tradition, website takes reviews for mobile games from around the web and, using a unique metric to create a single definitive score for each title, offers a list of the month’s top games.

2013 closed out strong thanks to the release of 17-Bit’s witty strategy game, Skulls of Shogun — which actually debuted on Windows Phone almost a year ago. Meanwhile, Rockstar’s sure-fire hit GTA: San Andreas was a close third, followed by Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us, which rounded out the top fifth.

Below are the top 10 iPhone games of December 2013, according to Quality Index:

GAME NAME           PUBLISHER              Qi   
1   Skulls of the Shogun   17-Bit 9.1
2   Fiz: The Brewery Management Game   Bit By Bit Studios 8.9
3   Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas   Rockstar Games 8.7
4   cyro   Philipp Stollenmayer 8.6
5   The Wolf Among Us   Telltale 8.5
6   Cut the Rope 2   ZeptoLab 8.4
7   Darklings   MildMania 8.4
8   Fighting Fantasy: Island of the Lizard King   Tin Man Games 8.3
9   The Shadow Sun   Ossian Studios 8.2
10   Sky Boom Boom   ZQGame 8.2



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