The Walking Dead: Assault update 1.1 now available

The Walking Dead AssaultGamagio and Skybound released the first update to their new iOS game The Walking Dead: Assault. Update 1.1, now available for free from the App store, includes a number visual/audio tweaks, but the big feature in this update is the addition of Michonne.

Michonne arrives with her signature katana and offers players a strong melee character for their team. Her special move “slices and dices all zombies around her” and helps your team move more quietly when in a party with them.

In addition to Michonne, the update brings an alternate control scheme that allows you to invert the movement controls. Now you can double-tap to move the entire team and hold to move a single survivor. Completing the game on Hard and Brutal difficulty will also grant you new special achievements and rewards. Lastly, there is now more variety in the zombie sound effects, a new indicator on the Chapter Selection screen showing progress towards completing bonus objectives, and bug fixes for any incorrect Game Center Achievements.

The Walking Dead: Assault is now available from the iTunes Store for just $2.99. Today’s update is free for everyone who already owns the game.


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