The Sims Mobile announced for iOS and Andorid

For years fans of EA’s The Sims have enjoyed an on-the-go version of the popular simulation franchise in the form of The Sims FreePlay. While fun and somewhat similar in nature, the design of The Sims FreePlay is quite different than that of The Sims franchise played on PC. Well, with a surprise announcement this week, mobile players appear to be getting a mobile game more similar to the true Sims PC playstyle.

EA announced this week, The Sims Mobile, “an all-new Sims experience that leverages the player’s power of imagination to create Sims and play with life.”

Gameplay details are light at the moment, but EA did release a trailer for The Sims Mobile that sheds some light on what fans of the franchise can expect. At first glance, The Sims Mobile appears much more authentic to that true “Sims” gameplay experience, with players able to go more in-depth with Sim creation and shape their Sims’ legacy in the form of unique personalities, homes, and relationships.

A brief description from EA reads:

“Developed by the creators of The Sims and SimCity franchises, The Sims Mobile is inspired by The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge, encouraging players to build a successful multi-generational family, while unlocking and collecting unique Heirlooms along the way. As players progress, these powerful Heirlooms offer different gameplay benefits that help Sims achieve their Life Goals throughout the game.

In The Sims Mobile, players can also interact with their real-life friends in a whole new way. Their Sims can host and attend parties, develop relationships as best friends, nemeses, soul mates, and more with their real-life friends’ Sims, and share in big moments together in the game. From creating amazing Sims and shaping their Sims’ stories, to collecting valuable rewards and sharing experiences with friends, the options to play with life are endless.”

The Sims Mobile is now available on iOS and Android devices as a free download in Brazil, with other regions to follow. It’s official launch worldwide is said to be “coming soon.” It’s unclear if The Sims Mobile will remain free with possible microtransactions — similar to The Sims FreePlay — or if it will cost money upfront as a normal game would at launch.


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