The Sims FreePlay Unlimited Simoleons/Money Cheats (2016 Updated)

With each update to The Sims FreePlay, it becomes harder and harder to earn Simoleons quickly and easily. Below are some cheats, tips, hints, guides, etc. that can help you earn money in the game more quickly.

Money Plants

When you reach Level 7 you will unlock the ‘Money Grows on Trees’ quest which once completed will enable you to grow the Simeleon Sprout by tapping on a garden patch and select the ‘Simoleon Sprout’ option. Then just spin the wheel and see how much money you win.

Everything in the Store for Free

At the store select the purple tab that has the trolley on it and while it says ‘Connecting to Store’ press the Square button to be taken to the ‘Home’ screen. Wait 10 seconds on the ‘Home’ screen and then press ‘Cancel’, when you now return to the store everything will be free.

Coffin Bed for 2,000 Simoleons

You can buy the coffin bed for 6 Lifestyle Points, and then resell it for 2,000 Simoleons. You can repeat this until you have the amount of money you desire.


Dog & Adult Sim

Make sure the Dog is at full happiness. Make your adult sim “Praise” the dog. Wait of the dog to do something (like go and dig out some money, or possibly dig out LP). It’s not necessarily a “cheat” either.


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