The Sims FreePlay Time Cheat: Speed up construction

As you progress in The Sims FreePlay, construction can take a long time before finishing. So to help offset this, users have found a way to speed up the time in the game by adjusting settings on their actual mobile device. Of course, updates tend to disable these methods, but the latest — which is said to take into account the July 2014 update — comes from liza_khan. Admittedly, I haven’t yet tested this cheat, but you can try these steps and see if it speeds up construction.

  1. Open Sims Freeplay
  2. Click on a construction site and start building it
  3. Double click on the HOME button and go to Settings
  4. Turn On FLIGHT MODE
  5. Go to General>Date And Time>Change the date to after one month (ex.July change it to August)
  6. Turn off FLIGHT MODE
  7. Double click the HOME button and click on Sims Freeplay [It will say unable to connect wait for some minutes but don’t click on the RETRY button]
  8. When your game opens, your construction will have been finished
  9. Close the Game [Double click the home button>Press Sims Freeplay>Click on the minus sine]
  10. Go to setting and change the Date back to Automatic
  11. Complete!

If you have any other strategies or cheats for The Sims FreePlay let us know in the comments below.

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