The Sims FreePlay: ‘The Styles of Time’ Quest Walkthrough (Oct. 2016 Updated)

Sims FreePlay Style of Time

The Styles of Time is a quest in The Sims FreePlay. Though it was introduced back in 2015, the quest has returned for a limited time.

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For those who haven’t yet completed it, this 6-day Sims FreePlay Quest brings 3 new hairstyles (including a “hat” style) for adult sims, with one set unlocked for every 2 days you complete.

The good news is the tasks you must complete are the same; however, the time it takes to complete them has been adjusted. Below is a complete walkthrough for all 6 days of Styles of Time. New hairstyles are rewarded on Day 2 (Hairstyle 1), Day 4 (Hat), and Day 6 (Hairstyle 2).

The times taken to complete tasks have changed with the October 2016 version, so below is the updated walkthrough for the time required to complete The Styles of Time.

Send a sim to the park – instant
Investigate glint at the park – 1 minute
Examine the capsule – 10 minutes
Discuss technology with another sim – 45
Plug USB into a computer – 1 sec
Check USB files on a computer – 9 hours 30 min
Place USB in time capsule – 15 minutes
Wait for Day 2 (can skip with LPs)

Day 2
Check the time capsule – 1 minute
Ask a sim on a date – 15 minutes
Watch the ducks together – 2 hours 30 minutes
Give flowers to a sim – 5 minutes 1 second
Passionately kiss your date – 15 minutes
Place flower in capsule – 45 minutes
Investigate the capsule chamber – 13 hours
Wait for Day 3

Unlocks 1 hairstyle for adult men and women.

Day 3
Check the capsule display – 5 minutes
Watch a modern lifestyle show – 6 hours
Try on a new hairstyle – instant
Have 5 sims at a house – instant
Have 4 sims retro dance to a stereo – instant (when 4th sim joins)
Film the party – 10 minutes
Raid the refrigerator – 9 hours 30 minutes
Place video in capsule – 5 minutes
Wait for Day 4

Day 4
Read a cookbook – 1 minute 36 seconds
Get the first ingredient – 7 hours 15 minutes (tree)
Get the second ingredient – 1 hour (Grow watermelons)
Get the final ingredient – 1 minute (duck pond at park)
Make the special recipe – 9 hours 30 minutes
Place incense in capsule – 1 minute
Investigate the second chamber – 5 minutes
Wait for Day 5

Unlocks 1 hat for adult men and women.

Day 5
Check the capsule again – 1 minute
Check a bookshelf for the card – 3 minutes 12 seconds
Place card in capsule – 2 minutes
Panic in front of capsule – 10 hours 15 minutes
Ask the statue for help – 2 minutes
Call a 2nd sim to the park – instant
Pretend to sing – 9 hours 30 minutes
Wait for Day 6

Day 6
Check a park bench for used gum – 54 seconds
Stick gum in the statue’s ears – 2 minutes
Listen to the statue’s idea – 8 hours 30 minutes
Prepare a disguise in the park toilets – 1 minutes
Boil water on a stove – 3 minutes 12 seconds
Pour water into a capsule – 12 hours 15 minutes
Investigate the final chamber – 5 minutes
Celebrate to a park stereo – instant (when 4th sim joins)


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