The Sims FreePlay: The (RED) Flowers of Sim Town Quest Walkthrough

The (RED) Flowers of Sim Town

The (RED) Flowers of Sim Town Quest is special, limited-time quest that’s part of the recent (RED) update, designed to raise money for the fight against AIDS. As the (RED) update is available exclusively on the Apple App Store, the (RED) Flowers of Sim Town Quest is also only available on iOS devices.

Below is a complete walkthrough to the (RED) Flowers of Sim Town Quest, available in The Sims FreePlay until December 7th. Completing it will reward you with the limited-edition All-Hands Monument.

The (RED) Flowers of Sim Quest Walkthrough:

Note: Times may vary depending on the star rating of an item.

Note #2: You have seven (7) days to complete this quest if you want to access the limited-edition All-Hands Monument.

  1. Call a sim to the park
  2. Clean litter in the park- 3 minutes
  3. Grow a seedling- 1 minute (where litter was)
  4. Discuss flowers with a sim- 1 minute 30 seconds (click on another sim for this option)
  5. Watch current affairs on TV- 12 minutes
  6. Tap the (plumbob)RED button- at top of screen, under the camera button
  7. Discuss flowers with a sim- 4 minutes
  8. Grow a seedling-20 minutes (next to other one at the park)
  9. Take a break on a park bench- 1 hour 21 minutes
  10. Inspect the.. thing- 30 seconds (the door near the bbqs)
  11. Step inside the time machine- 10 seconds
  12. Discuss the future with Osiris- 3 hours 30 minutes
  13. Grow a seedling- 3 hours 30 minutes
  14. Visit the online store
  15. Come back in (time varies depending on how long it took you to complete those tasks)

Once again, the (RED) Flowers of Sim Town Quest is available through the (RED) update, which is only on the iTunes App Store. The update is available until December 7th.

In addition to the quest, there’s also a number of community challenges that can unlock special (RED) items. Recently, the Sims FreePlay community unlocked limited (PLUMBOB)RED T-shirts. Next up is the (FURNITURE)RED pack.



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