The Sims FreePlay: The Great Xmas Mishap Quest Walkthrough – Day 7 ‘Cookies & Milk Table Decoration’

The Sims FreePlay: The Great Xmas Mishap Quest Milk and Cookies

The Great Xmas Mishap Quest is a new Christmas-themed quest in The Sims FreePlay, added to the game in the most recent Holiday 2014 update. It’s up to you to help save Christmas this year in The Great Xmas Mishap Quest. Each day of the quest promises great adventure and a reward should you complete it in the allotted time. Completing the quest in its entirety will reward you with a Living Teddy gift.

Below is the walkthrough for The Great Xmas Mishap Quest Day 7, which will reward you with the Cookies and Milk Table Decoration.

1) Send a sim to Santa’s workshop- 1 second

2) Talk to Santa via the fireplace (click on fireplace)- 2 hours 50 minutes

3) Read Santa’s note – 5 minutes – “Santa says he forgot hte three magic words that allow him to travel up and down chimneys. Luckily, he keeps a record of the three magic words on a note attached to Xmas tree at Santa’s Workshop.”

4) Solve the three riddles. “Santa’s note says that each of the three Nutcracker Soldiers at the Workshop knows one of the three magic words. Your Sim needs to tell Santa ALL THREE WORDS in the CORRECT ORDER to free him from the chimney.

Note: If you can’t figure out the words, tap the chimney and choose “Coax Santa Out.” It will take a lot longer but he’ll pop out eventually.

Click on each nutcracker to find each clue – 30 minutes (you can do them all at once but space them out by 5 minutes or so because if they all finish at the same time you will only find one clue)

Clue 1: If you’re after the first word, don’t read a good book. The note in the stocking is where you should look.

5) Search the stocking by the fireplace and search for a clue. “A note says the word MAGICAL”.

Clue 2: The second word sits in a pile of requests, all sealed away with a name and address.

6) Search the pile of letters. “A note says the word ZOOMING”.

Clue 3: The third word sits in the base of a tree, that flashes and glitters like a shiny marquee.

7) Search the Christmas tree for the THIRD word. “A note says the word PANTS”.


8) Click on the fireplace to tell Santa the answer- Magical Zooming Pants- 2 hours 30 minutes

9) Talk to Santa- 5 minutes

That completes Day 7 of The Great Xmas Mishap Quest. After you have completed all of the goals over the next few days you will get the Living Teddy Bear.


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