The Sims FreePlay: The Great Xmas Mishap Quest Walkthrough – Day 4 ‘Mistletoe Door’

The Sims 4 FreePlay The Great Xmas Mishap Quest

The Great Xmas Mishap Quest is a new Christmas-themed quest in The Sims FreePlay, added to the game in the most recent Holiday 2014 update. It’s up to you to help save Christmas this year in The Great Xmas Mishap Quest. Each day of the quest promises great adventure and a reward should you complete it in the allotted time. Completing the quest in its entirety will reward you with a Living Teddy gift.

Below is the walkthrough for The Great Xmas Mishap Quest Day 4, which will reward you with the Mistletoe Door. Once unlocked, it can be found in the Decorations section.

1) Send a Sim to the park

2) Examine prints in the park- 10 seconds

3) Ask the park statue where Wumples went- 5 minutes (the thinking man statue)

4) Talk to Wumples (he appears by the statue in the park)

5) Call Wumples on a phone- 3 hours 40 minutes

6) Watch news on TV – 4 minutes

7) Ask who the real Wumples is (real wumples is dancing wumples so click on him)- 5 hours 20 minutes

8) Accuse the fake Wumples- 8 seconds (click on the other wumples who don’t dance)

9) Go to Santa’s workshop- 1 second

10) Talk to an elf- 5 minutes

That completes Day 4 of The Great Xmas Mishap Quest. After you have completed all of the goals over the next few days you will get the Living Teddy Bear.


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