The Sims FreePlay: The Book of Spells complete walkthrough

The Sims FreePlay Sorcerous Supplies

As you’re probably aware by now, The Sims FreePlay has received its “Witches & Wizards” update, giving players the chance to discover a world of magic and charms. The update invites you to participate in a new Halloween-themed quest: The Book Of Spells. The walkthrough below explains how to begin the complete the quest in its entirety.

Completing this quest within the time limit unlocks the cuddly, fire-breathing pet Dragon in Sim Town. Completing it also unlocks the Spell Casting Hobby, which if also completed will in turn unlock the flying broomstick hobby on Halloween. Building times and costs will vary based on the amount of buildings present.

The Book of Spells Quest Walkthrough

1. To initiate the first quest, you must first build the Sorcerous Supplies Store near the Snow Park (similar to the Promotions ‘R Us store). Once the building is complete, the first quest will start. NOTE: You must be level 8 to begin construction on Sorcerous Supplies. 

  • Cost: §350,000; 10 hours

2. “The Book of Spells: Magic is apparating in Sim Town! Find the magic tome and prove your worth to learn the ways of Spell Casting!”

3. Buy a Crystal Ball (§ 5,000)

4. Place a Crystal Ball in a House (It’ll be stored in the Decorations section)

5. Look into the Crystal Ball

6. Gaze into the Crystal Ball

7. Pick Up the Magic Wand

8. Unlock the Door to the Wand Room (Search the house for clues. If you can’t figure out how to open it, just get your Sim to yell at it; although this will take longer, the door will open eventually — 2 hours 30 minutes)

9. Pick Up the Magic Wand

10. Use a Crystal Ball to go Home

11. Act Casual on a Couch (10 hours)

12. Place the Magic Wand Podium in your House (Hobbies section)

13. Cast Random Spells (13 hours 30 mins)

14. Talk to a Sim about Magic Wands (8 mins)

15. Use the Magic Wand (Podium 13 hours 30 mins)

16. Watch Emergency Broadcast (2 hours 30 mins)

17. Visit the Park

18. Call a Sim to the Park

19. Formulate a Plan (6 hours 10 mins; tap a Mummy)

20. Search for a Mummy Removal Spell on the Internet (13 hours 30 mins)

21. Perform Anti-Mummies Spell on a Magic Wand (7 mins)

22. Use the Crystal Ball to Visit the Wizard’s House

23. Read Weird World of Wands at Wizard’s House (22 hrs 30 mins)

24. Explain to the Wizard (8 hours 12 Mins)

25. Use the Crystal Ball to go back Home

26. Call a Sim to the Park

27. Talk to the Wizard

28. Distract a Mummy (16 hours 30 mins)

29. Talk to Wizard about Magic Spells

30. Distract a Mummy (16 hour rs 30 mins)

31. Joke around with the Wizard

32. Distract a Mummy (16 hrs 30 mins)

33. Pack up the Magic Wand Podium (30 secs; interact with podium)

34. Talk to the Wizard (3 hours 10 mins)

35. “CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, what an exciting quest! To reward your Sim for their help (and to compensate your Sim for having to dance like a giant chicken to distract the mummies), the Wizard has given you your very own MAGIC WAND PODIUM complete with a BOOK OF SPELLS!”

36. “CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve gained access to PET DRAGONS! Lucky you! You’re going to be the envy on the entire Sims community… Get your Pet Dragon from the Pet Store today!”

37. “THE LIMITED HOBBY PRIZE: SPELL CASTING. This Imperial Barn Owl is the perfect gift for the Sim that has everything! Summon all 12 Spell Casting Collectibles before the timer expires and get yours today.”

The Sims FreePlay “Witches & Wizards” update is available now as a free download on iOS or Android devices.



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