The Sims FreePlay: Simtown Health Spa Daily Goals


Sims FreePlay Simtown Health Spa - Daily Goals

As you’re probably aware by now, The Sims FreePlay’s recent Spa Update brought with it a new global community event — Simtown Health Spa.

Although this event is similar to the one we experienced with Tropical Romance Island, a new feature is the Daily Goals, specific goals you can complete to earn additional rewards. Although the Simtown Health Spa is a 12 day long global community event, daily goals reset every 24 hours. Below is a list of the daily goals available in The Sims FreePlay’s Simtown Health Spa community event, and their rewards.

Claim or Buy A Prize – 5 Constructor Coins

Use a Spin Plant – 1 Constructor Coin

Collect any Gem – 1 Constructor Coin

Collect 1,000 Gems – 5 Constructor Coins

Win 10 Coins from a Coin Flower Patch – 400 Quartz

Free Constructor Coins – 1 Constructor Coin

Free Quartz – 100 Quartz

Complete All Daily Goals – 25 Constructor Coins

By completing daily goals, you can progress faster to unlock all of Simtown Health Spa’s rewards.


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