The Sims FreePlay: ‘Simtown Express Quest’ Walkthrough

Simtown Express QuestThe ‘Simtown Express Quest’ (aka Train Station Discovery Quest) is discovery quest that arrived with the “Doctor, Doctor” update in September 2016. The quest allows you access to the new Downtown area, which is home to the (also new) Sim Town Hospital where you can find the Doctor profession.

However, in order to access the Downtown area, you must first build the Simtown Express (located on the bottom left of town next to the restaurant). The Simtown Express costs $250,000 and requires 1 Day to build, as well as 12 Sims in your town.

Once built, you can begin the Simtown Express Quest. Completing the quests will unlock the Downtown area, Sim Town Hospital workplace, and Doctor profession; however, if you complete it in the allotted time, you’ll unlock an adorable toddler train conductor outfit.

So without further ado, here is a walkthrough to completing the Simtown Express Quest, based on a beta build:

Simtown Express Quest Walkthrough

  • Call the train company- 48 seconds (using a phone)

  • Meet Thomas, the tiny conductor- 15 minutes

  • Ask about safety lessons- 2 hours 15 minutes (Thomas)

  • Read a book about trains- 8 hours 30 minutes (using a bookshelf)

  • Find a snack for Thomas- 1 hour 50 minutes (using a fridge)

  • Ask for safety lesson 1- 5 minutes (Thomas)

  • Demonstrate single seating- 10 hours (click on a seat)

  • Ask for safety lesson 2- 5 minutes (Thomas)

  • Send a sim to the park
  • Watch the train demonstration- 14 hours 45 minutes (train set in park)

  • Ask for safety lesson 3- 5 minutes (send a sim home and find Thomas)

  • Stand behind the yellow line- 16 hours 45 minutes (appears at the front of the house you are at)

  • Search for the train key- 1 hour 50 minutes (bed)

  • Apologise to Thomas- 6 hours 15 minutes

  • Bake cookies for Thomas- 1 minute (select baking on a stove then cookies)
  • Ask for final lesson- 5 minutes (Thomas)

  • Practice holding on- 1 day (click on Thomas)

  • Guess Thomas’s age- 1 hour 15 minutes (I don’t think it matters which one you pick but he does say he is 5 and 3/4 earlier on!)

  • Travel on the Simtown Express


You are now able to take the Simtown Express to the Downtown Area!

Currently, the Downtown Area only has the Hospital, but hopefully EA expands upon this area in future updates.


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