The Sims FreePlay: Royalty Update full patch notes

As you’re probably well aware, yesterday EA released the Royalty Update in The Sims FreePlay. With it comes a ton of new features and additions, including a majestic and mysterious castle to explore, as well as a new quest line to unlock a magical pet fairy.

“A magnificent castle has appeared shrouded in mystery! Only those who are chivalrous, valiant, and honorable can lift the curse upon it and become the king or queen. Hurry, Sim Town is waiting for the rightful heir to the throne!”

Below are the full patch notes for The Sims FreePlay Royalty Update:

  • Lower the drawbridge and open the gates to the majestic Northern Glade Castle! Complete the Royal Lineage quest to explore the castle at level 14+.
  • Take the throne as the queen or king of Sim Town! Create your royal family with perfect princesses and playful princes.
  • Be covered in fairy dust from magical and mischievous fairies. Complete the Royal Lineage quest to welcome pet fairies to your family!
  • Hit a bullseye in the new Archery hobby. Become an archery master to unlock spectacular statues for your courtyard garden.
  • Entertain royalty as a hilarious Jester. Perform sidesplitting dances and acts to unlock the throne room.
  • Ascend to the throne room to issue decrees! Take rule and affect Sim Town in new exciting ways.
  • Dazzle onlookers with jewel-studded crowns, gorgeous flowing gowns, and commanding royal attire.

Side note, you must complete the Royal Lineage Quest within 7 days to unlock the pet fairies.


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