The Sims FreePlay: Royal Lineage Quest Walkthrough for Pet Fairies

The Sims FreePlay Royal Lineage Quest

With the new Royalty Update for The Sims FreePlay comes a brand new quest line, “The Royal Lineage,” which if completed will allow you to explore the castle, learn archery, and become a king or queen. If you complete the quest within the allotted time indicated, you will also unlock pet fairies to buy from the pet store.

Below is a complete walkthrough for the Royal Lineage quest line.

To start the Royal Lineage quest, you must first build the Northern Glade Castle. This castle is located behind the volcano in Mystery Island. Building the castle requires you to have at least 19 Sims in your town. The cost and time varies depending on how many buildings you have already.

“Have you ever wanted to be a princess or even king? Complete the “Royal Lineage” quest to open the castle gates and begin your adventure towards the throne!

Finish within the time limit to bring cute and curious pet fairies to Sims’ homes!”

Send a Sim to the Castle
Send a Sim to the castle you have just built.
Reward : 5 Simoleon

Search Bushes Near the Castle
Tap the bushes with the exclamation sign then tap “Search” (1 minute 20 seconds).
Reward : 15 Simoleon

Say “Hello” to the Fairy
Tap the fairy then select “Say Hello”. (3 minutes).
Reward : 10 Simoleon

Pick Flower Near the Castle
Tap the flowers with the exclamation sign, then tap “Pick Flowers”. (10 minutes)
Reward : 20 Simoleon

Show Fairy the Flowers
Tap the fairy then select “Show Flowers”. (5 menit)
Reward : 15 Simoleon

Ask About Chivalry
Tap the fairy then select “Ask About Chivalry”. (4 hours 30 minutes)
Reward : 200 Simoleon

Dream About Royalty
Go home, tap tap the bed and choose “Dream About Royalty”. (10 hours – 3-star bed).
Reward : 500 Simoleon

Cook Brisket in the Park
Go to park, tap barbeque and select “CookBrisket”. (1 day)
Reward : 800 Simoleon

Have 4 Sims at the Park
Call 4 Sims to the park.
Reward : 5 Simoleon

Call to Meal
Tap the meal you have just cooked (Brisket) then select “Call to meal”.
Reward : 20 Simoleon

Tell the Fairy About the Feast
Back to the castle, tap the fairy abd choose “Tell About Feast”. (3 hours 30 minutes)
Reward : 225 Simoleon

Thank the Fairy
Tap the fairy and select “Thank Fairy”. (5 minutes)
Reward : 10 Simoleon

Build Courage on a Park Bench
Go back to park. Tap the park bench then choose “Build Courage”. (11 hours 30 minutes)
Reward : 525 Simoleon

Catch the Monster Fish
I suggest you to use a Sim that has fishing hobby to complete this task.
Tap the fishing lake then choose “Catch Monster Fish” until your Sim catch the Monster Fish. (6 minutes)
Reward : 30 Simoleon

Tell the Fairy a Fish Story
Back to the castle, tap the fairy and select “Tell Fish Story”. (3 hours 30 minutes)
Reward : 175 Simoleon

Search Simlist on a Computer.
Go home, tap the komputer and choose “Search SimList”. (7 hours)
Reward : 350 Simoleon

Grow Beans
Tap the garden patch then plant Beans. (9 hours)
Reward : 375 Simoleon

Have Two Sims in the Park
Send 2 Sims to the park
Reward : 5 Simoleon

Trade Beans with a Sim
Tap a Sims and choose “Trade Beans”. (10 hours 30 minutes)
Reward : 425 Simoleon

Return to the Fairy
Send Sim back to castle.
Reward : 5 Simoleon

Answer “Yes” to the Fairy’s Question
Tap the fairy and select “Answer “Yes, I am!”. (5 minutes)
Reward : 10 Simoleon

Encourage the Fairy
Tap the fairy and select “Encourage”. (1 day)
Reward : 825 Simoleon

High Five the Fairy
Tap the fairy and select “High Five” (1 second)
Reward : 10 Simoleon

Ask the Fairy About the Bridge
Tap the fairy and select “Ask The Fairy About The Bridge”. (5 seconds)
Reward : 5 Simoleon

By completing this, the drawbridge will open and you can explore the castle, learn archery, or become king or queen of Sim Town. Completing it within the time will unlock pet fairies for purchase from the pet store.


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