The Sims FreePlay ‘Ringlets of Fire’ guide to unlocking all long hair styles

The Ringlets of Fire is an event that began on August 21 and ends on August 27. It tasks you with completing a number of time-sensitive quests in the Fashion Design hobby. Successfully doing so will reward you with 9 different long hair styles, each in 4 colors.

Below are the tasks you’ll need to complete, along with the allotted time you have for each one.

1. Talk to a Sim – 1 min
(One of your Sims is in a social mood today! Be nice to another Sim.)

2. Spot Long Haired Sims on TV – 5 mins (use Fashion designing Sim)

(It sounds ridiculous but your Sim’s friend told them they spotted a Sim on TV with LONG HAIR! Sim Town is often host to ghosts, aliens and even Christmas! But long hair? This must be a joke.
Spot the Long Haired Sims on TV.)

3. Email the Long Haired celebrity Sims – 2 mins

(There are SO MANY Sims with long flowing locks on TV! Strange! These Long Hairs have achieved the follically impossible, but their dress sense is… Terrible! Could you trade your fashionable clothes for their magnificent manes? Find out!
Email the Long Hairs on a computer!)

4. Buy a Fashion Studio (Available in the “Promotions ‘R US” store, § 2,500)

(The Long Haired Sims are interested in a trade! Best Dressed for Best Tressed! Buy a Fashion Studio from the Promotions R Us store on the town map so your Sims can get started!)

5. Create 1 Fashion Design (Shortest action on the Fashion Studio is 10 mins)

(The Long Hairs want a piece of fashionable clothing as a sign of good faith before they give up the secrets of their hirsute scalps. Have your Sim design one item of clothing using the Fashion Studio!)

6. Create a complete outfit set (This means ONE row of fashion design items!)

(Great start! Those fresh follicles are but a whisker away! Now make a complete outfit with a Fashion Studio! Fashion three parts for the Long Hairs to make a complete outfit!)

7. Create all four outfits (Tip: use as many Fashion Design Sims as you have, this will speed it up!)

(Fantastic! Don’t stop now! Those cascading curls will be brushing against your Sims’ cheeks in no time! Design all 4 sets of outfits.)

You’ve completed this collection. Reset it and collect another one to receive the next Long Hair Style!

8. Create a 2nd complete outfit set
(Tap the “start a new collection” button at the bottom to start the 2nd collection. Note that the title is somewhat misleading, since you do need all 4 sets).

The first Long Hair Style is now in the Salon and Wardrobes of Sim Town! For every clothing set you make, you’ll unlock another hair style!

There’s EIGHT types of long, luscious hair yet to be discovered! Restart the Fashion Design collection and create another 12 items of clothing.)

9. Create the 3rd complete outfit set

(Your Sims have a nifty flair for creative clothing ensembles. Check any wardrobe or the Salon – you’ve earned another hairstyle! Create a 3rd complete outfit set to collect a new coiffure!)

10. Create a 4th complete outfit set

(Who wears short shorts? Every Sim does with *these* fabulous flesh holders! Create a 4th complete collection of clothes. A new long hair style awaits your Sims’ bonces!)

11. Create a 5th complete outfit set

(You know what the wise barbers of Simtown say: the Fifth hairdo is the sweetest… Get fashioning and unlock a fabulous furry from! Restart the Fashion Design hobby and create a 5th collection of clothing.)

12. Create a 6th complete outfit set

(The Long Hairs love your work so much they *all* want new outfits! Have your Sims create the 6th complete collection of clothes and get another dashing do!)

13. Create a 7th complete outfit set

(Amazing! The Long Hairs can barely supply the new dos fast enough to keep up with you! Only 3 to go! Get your Sims to create the 7th complete collection of clothes as soon as you can!)

14. Create a 8th complete outfit

(Look at those bangin’ bangs! Only 2 more sets to go! Complete an 8th collection of outfits.)

15. Create a 9th complete outfit

(This is the Mane event! One last bundle of fringe benefits are waiting for you! Ready? Go! Complete the 9th set of outfits to claim the last long hair style and finish the event!)

Your Sims have earned the new Long Hair and all 9 different styles! Check them out in any Wardrobe or in the Salon!



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