The Sims FreePlay ‘Ringlets of Fire’ event begins; unlock new Long Hair

The Sims FreePlay long hair
“The Ringlets of Fire” Limited Time Event begins today in The Sims FreePlay, giving players a chance to unlock brand new Long Hair styles by showing off their skills in the Fashion Design hobby.

For those unfamiliar, The Ringlets of Fire is a special event quest beginning today and ending on August 27th. It’s not tied with any levels, and if completed within the time span will unlock a total of 9 different long hair styles, each with 4 different colors.

Tasks you’ll need to perform include things like talking to a sim (within 1 minute), spotting a long-haired sim on TV (within 5 minutes), emailing the long-haired celebrity sims (within 2 minutes), and things of that nature.

Should you not finish the quests in time, you’ll still be able to unlock the different hair styles, but it’ll cost you $3.99 each, totaling $35.55 if you want them all. What’s more, each purchased style is picked randomly, so that’s a minimum of $35.55 — it could cost more.

So I suggest getting started now.


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