The Sims FreePlay: Pretty Little Planters Quest Walkthrough & Guide

Arriving with The Sims FreePlay’s “Glitz and Glamour” update is the new “Pretty Little Planters Quest.” A discovery quest available from level 12-plus, the Pretty Little Planters Quest requries you to have finished the Sunset Mall quest.

Below are the required tasks to unlock the Pretty Little Planters quest. 

Introduction: New Discovery Quest Available! The Sunset Mall is expanding! Visit the mall to build the 2nd floor, gain access to new shops, activities, and make your mark in the fashion world!

The 2nd floor in the Sunset Mall includes: the “Pretty Little Planters” Quest; more than 600 new clothing options, make-up, and hairstyles; The Fashion Hunter and Make-up Artist Hobbies; A Wumples Play Center, Movie Theatre, Indoor Skydiving, and more.

To start the quest, build the Escalator.

Complete this quest to start building new stores and the Wumples Play Center! Complete this quest within the (7 days) time limit to receive a See-Saw to jazz up playtime at home!

New Quest Available: Pretty Little Planters: The Sunset Mall has opened its 2nd floor for business. What amazing fashion will your Sims find? Complete this quest to start building new stores and the Wumples Play Center!

Pretty Little Planters Quest Walkthrough

(Times are with 3-star items where possible!)

Send a Sim to the 2nd Floor of the Sunset Mall
The Sunset Mall has a second floor! Your Sim can’t contain their excitement. All the new fashion, the hangouts, the sales! Send a Sim to the2nd floor of the Sunset Mall.

Read the Poster (1 min)
Hmmm… This part of the mall doesn’t look like much at the moment.
And where do these vines come from?  
The bright colors
of a Sim Fashion poster catches your Sim’s attention. Is that talking
about a contest? 
Have a Sim read the poster on the second floor of the Sunset Mall.

Investigate a Store (2 secs)

Sim Fashion wants a new model for the cover of an upcoming issue. The cover! Your Sim can hardly believe the opportunity. They need to find the latest fashion trends. They need to win. Have a Sim “Investigate” a store on the 2nd floor of the mall.

Ask the Plant to move (5 mins)
A Sim-eating Plant popped out of the ground, snapped its jaws a few times, and then grinned at your Sim. What type of shenanigans is this? Can’t your Sim simply go shopping? Have a Sim ask the Sim-eating Plant on the 2nd floor of the mall to move.

Grill Patties at the Park (20 mins, can be done at home with a BBQ)
The Sim-eating Plant leans in close to your Sim. “Feed me,” it drawls. Sim-eating Plants talk?! Fine, your Sim will do whatever it takes to get to the clothes! Have a Sim go to the Park and ‘Grill Patties’ on a BBQ to make burgers for the plant.

Feed Burgers to the Plant (6 hrs 30 mins)
Your Sim’s mouth waters as they smell the burgers. These should definitely buy some good will from the Sim-eating Plant. Send a Sim to the Sunset Mall, and feed burgers to the Sim-eating plant on the 2nd floor.

Clean the Plant’s Mess (can use more than one Sim: 5 hrs 30 mins + 1 hr 30 mins + 30 mins)
The plant trashed back-and-forth a lot while eating the burgers. Its vines whipped around, toppling garbage cans and making a mess everywhere. Great… Now the place looks even worse. Have a Sim clear the garbage in this area.

Call Sim Fashion (24 mins)
That clean-up took a while, and the deadline for the contest looms. Your Sim
is all sweaty, from nerves and the clean-up, and they still can’t get to the clothes! They need more time! 
Have a Sim “Call Sim Fashion” from a phone at home and explain their situation.

Return to Plant
“We can’t make exceptions for every Sim with a silly story,” the Sim Fashion receptionist said before hanging up. Right, it wouldn’t be fair. Your Sim
understands, but they’re still running out of time! 
Send a Sim backto the plant on the 2nd floor of the Sunset Mall.

Yell at Plant (5 mins)
Okay… Your Sim tried to be nice to the Sim-eating Plant and that only caused
a mess. Your Sim’s had enough! It’s time to let their nerves loose. Maybe that’ll work! 
Have a Sim “Yell at” the Sim-eating Plant.

Step Close to Plant (12 hrs 30 mins)
The Sim-eating Plant cocks its head and says, “Stylish clothes? Come close. Me help.” Your Sim doesn’t trust the plant, but they doubt things can get worse. Why not try? Have a Sim “Step Close” to the Sim-eating Plant.

Search for Teleport Remote (19 hrs)
“Clothes with holes. Fashion!” the plant says. “You like?” No! Now, your Sim
REALLY needs new clothes, and the plant must go! The Internet must have
some device that would help the Sim move the plant. A shrink ray? A teleport remote? Anything! 
Have a Sim “Search: Teleport Remote” on a computer.

Build Teleport Remote (20 secs)
Your Sim found plans to make a Teleport Remote out of a standard TV remote
and duct tape. That seems like something that would work. 
Tap on a TV to have a Sim “Build Teleport Remote.”

Teleport Plant (8 secs)
With their Teleport Remote firm in hand, your Sim is all set for the removal of the annoying plant. Have a Sim “Use Teleport Remote” on the Sim-eating Plant at the Sunset Mall.

Go to Park
The Sim-eating Plant is out of the way! But wait! Your Sim should probably choose an appropriate new location for the Sim-eating Plant. They can’t just leave it in a dematerialized state! Send a Sim to the Park to find a good home for the Sim-eating Plant.

Teleport Plant to Best Spot (12 hrs 15 mins -> near Ducks)
The Park is a perfect place for plants. Your Sim just needs to find the spot with the best balance of soil and water for the Sim-eating Plant. Look around the Park for the spots mark by an “X”. Tap on the one that has both soil and water, and have a Sim “Attempt Teleportation.”

Build the First Store (1 hr + §10,000)
The Sim-eating Plant is very happy with its new home. With their conscience
clear, your Sim can focus on finding the best outfit for the Sim Fashion Contest.. 
Build the first store on the 2nd floor of the Sunset Mall to see what awesome fashion it has in stock!

Try Something on
Finally! New, stylish, and fashionable clothes are available for your Sim. They’re running out of time for the Contest, though! Have a Sim use a wardrobe, and try something on. Hurry!

Take Selfies (5 hrs 30 mins)
Fabulous! Your Sim looks so fashionable in those threads. Is it enough to win a spot on the Sim Magazine cover? Your Sim refuses to give in to their nerves. They’ve made it this far. Tap on your selected Sim to have them “Take Selfies” to send to Sim Fashion.

Email Fashion Photos (19 hrs)
Last minute entry coming in hot! Your Sim is shaking with anxiety. They browse through their photos and selected the best ones to submit to Sim Fashion. Have a Sim “Email Fashion Photos” from a computer.

Send two Sims to the Park
The photo upload took forever. Picking the right trendy filter wasn’t easy, given how nervous your Sim was. Within minutes, they received a reply. Sim Fashion loves your Sim’s sense of style! But, something is missing. Something wild. Wild? Like the Sim-eating Plant? Send 2 Sims to the Park.

Start Photo Shoot (12 hrs 30 mins, 2 Sims)
Sim Fashion wants something wild? The Sim-eating Plant looks forward to giving them that. Tap on the Sim-eating Plant to have one Sim “Wait for Photographer,” and then tap again to have a second Sim “Start Photo Shoot.”

Capture Photo
These photos will be wildly cool! Your Sim would like one more to share with their friends on Simbook. Get a Sim and the Sim-eating plant on screen, and take a photo by pressing the camera icon on the corner of your screen.

Hug Plant (1 day)
Your photographer Sim is convinced they got the perfect cover photo for Sim Fashion. The Sim-eating Plant ended up really helping your Sim. The Plant smiles and reaches out its vines. Help went both ways. Have a Sim hug the Sim-eating Plant.

Say Goodbye to the Sim-eating Plant (10 mins)
Since it’s now in good soil, the Sim-eating Plant can go anywhere through the ground. It’ll use its new freedom to travel, but if your Sim ever gets lonely, they can do some gardening and maybe the Sim-eating Plant will appear. Have a Sim say goodbye to the Sim-eating Plant in the Park.

Congratulations! The Wumples Play Center is awaiting your toddlers for some family fun! You can also build the shops of this area to unlock the Hangout Central section of the mall!

Congratulations! The See-Saw is yours! Your Sim’s Toddler can play all day bouncing up and down with a friend or spend time with an adult!


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