The Sims FreePlay: Police Officer Profession Training Walkthrough

With the latest update for The Sims FreePlay comes the new Sim Town Police Officers profession.

The new profession allows you to accompany your Sims to work at the Police Station to help other Sims, get promoted, and upgrade the workplace. Profession specializations include: Metro Police and Special Agent. As the patch notes explain:

  • Choose your specialty and work your way up, from small-time cop to Chief of Police or Paranormal Agent
  • Help Sim Town residents by investigating spooky scenarios, honing your interrogation skills, and getting the latest Sim Town gossip from your surveillance van
  • Spruce up your Police Station and unlock more gear by collecting police coins and resources — ad a Jail Cell, Forensic Lab, K-9 area, and more!

But first, you must complete the tutorial quest after you build the Police Station at level 11. Here’s a quick walkthrough for the tutorial, which has no time limit or time limited prize. In other words, it just helps you understand the new job (think of it as a police academy).

Sim Town Police Officer Training

Visit Police Station

Send a Sim to work at the Police Station

Help a Sim at the Police Station

Help again at the Police Station

Check Workplace Overview (tap on the Badge Icon)


Check Workplace Storage

Help a Sim at the Police Station

Check  the Work Shift Quota

Fulfill Special Requests


Trade resources


Upgrade a workstation


Complete the remaining work day.


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