The Sims FreePlay: Police Officer ‘Metro Police’ Profession Guide

The Sims FreePlay - Metro Police guide

The “Metro Police” is one of two advanced career tracks (the other is Special Agent) that become available when your Sim reaches level 6 in the general Police Officer profession.

Note: You’ll want at least one Sim as a Special Agent and one Sim as a Metro Police, because level 8 workstations require resources from both tracks.

You’ll have the opportunity to select the Metro Police profession specialization once you reach level 6; however, you must first complete a Profession Badge by helping three Sims. Badges are earned at the end of a shift.

Additionally, to progress through the Metro Police career, you’ll need to build specific workstations in the Police Station.

To start, you must first build the Squad Car (Cost: 800 Flashlights and 140 Donuts). Building the Interview Room will unlock the Handcuff resource.

As you progress and level, you’ll be able to upgrade and build new work stations that unlock additional resources. This will also allow multiple police to work on different tasks.

Here are the Metro Police Workstation Upgrades and Costs:

Level 7 – Jail Cells

Cost:  1000 Flashlights, 160 Donuts, 160 Handcuffs

Level 8 – K-9 Unit

Cost: 1250 Radios, 320 Handcuffs, 225 Fingerprints (unlocked with Special Agent Interview Room)

Unlocks: Police Tape resource

Level 9 – Chief’s Office

Cost: 1750 Radios, 85 Police Tape, 5 Badges

Note: Badges are unlocked once you build a Forensics Lab (Special Agent) and K-9 Unit. They are also obtained by trading 10 Police Tapes PLUS 10 Recorders.


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