The Sims FreePlay: Outdoor Event Walkthrough and Guide

Sims FreePlay Outdoor Event

The Outdoor Event has returned to The Sims FreePlay, giving players who hadn’t completed the quest initially another chance to do so in order to earn some specific Outdoor packs, featuring rare outdoor furniture. There are a total of 7 Outdoor Packs available to unlock, but you only have 10 days to complete the Survivalist Timed Hobby to do so.

Note: You must have built the campgrounds and completed the Vacationers Guide to the Great Outdoors Quest in order to do the Survivalist Hobby.

To unlock all 7 Outdoor packs, you must complete the Survivalist Hobby 7 times (Find all 12 Badges 7 times) within the 10 day  limit. You unlock a new Outdoor pack (at random) each time you complete it.

First accept the Outdoors Event Quest. Doing so will remove the badges you have already created from the collection so you don’t get a head start.


Tips for finding all badges within the time limit:

  • Try to have more than one Sim working on it if you can. You can only have one Sim completing the hobby at your campgrounds, but you can send a Sim to a neighbors
  • If you are not yet level 6, it may take you longer to find all of the badges. Use LPs to speed up the process.
  • The Cooking Hobby is great for earning LPs to speed up timed events (wait for the time to reach 1 hour 59 minutes, so that you only need to use 1LP instead of 2)
  • Start New Collection at the top of the survivalist hobby collections list once you have collected all the badges so that you can complete the collection again and unlock the pack.
  • Grind, Grind, Grind! It’ll take a while, but stick with it.



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