The Sims FreePlay: Night of the Candy Monsters Quest ‘Part 1’ Walkthrough – Halloween 2016

Sims Freeplay | Night Of The Candy Monsters Part 1 reward - Fawn and Frankenstein costumes

This is a guide for part one of The Sims FreePlay’s Halloween-themed Quest “Night of the Candy Monsters.” If you complete it within the time, you will receive a magical fawn costume for female adult Sims and a Frankenstein costume for male adult Sims.

Below is the walkthrough. You are given two days to complete part one.

Browse internet for costume – 48 secs
Call a costume store – 4 mins
Go to the park
Approach a purple monster – 2 secs
Hide in the park (using a park bench) – 2 hrs 20 mins
Talk to Misty the ghost – 5 mins
Watch the Halloween news – 19 hrs
Talk to Misty again – 25 mins
Practice scaring another Sim – 8 secs
Build courage on a seat – 5 hrs
Collect 5 candy pieces – 5 hrs each scare (click on the purple monsters to scare for 5 hrs
Note: You can receive multiple candy each time so you may not have to do it five times; however, others report drops of only one candy each time.
Once you collect 5 pieces of candy you have completed the first part. If you completed this part in less than two days, you will have two options: (1) wait out the remaining time until the next part of the quest becomes available, (2) skip the task for 5LP.
If you’ve completed it in two days, you will have also received the Fawn and Frankenstein costumes for your Sims.

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