The Sims FreePlay new cheats, hints, and glitches for free Money/Simoleons

For a while now we’ve been gathering the latest cheats, codes, hints and glitches for use in The Sims FreePlay. Unfortunately updates to the free-to-play iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android game from Monkey Iron and EA Mobile had rendered many of them useless and obsolete now.  So we’ve gone ahead and compiled an entire list of every cheat, code, hint, and glitch we could find. All of them are listed below, but as usual some might be outdated. If you know of any hints or cheats for use in The Sims FreePlay let us know in the comments below.

The Sims FreePlay – Free Simoleon (money) Cheats, Codes, Hints, and Tips

How To Get More Money:

  • Gather all your sims in the same house
  • Get gardening patches for all the sims
  • Let the sims plant the ame thing
  • Go to settings and change the date to JULY 1 1985
  • Double click then delete sims
  • Go to sims from homepage
  • The plants wont be grown
  • Go back to settings then change it to the normal date
  • Go to sims and congrats.

Easy 2,000 Simoleons

  • Go to wifi and turn it off
  • Go to settings and if you have the automatic time on switch it off, you will see that something will come on and it will say date and time so press on it and change the date and time it must be a month of difference from what you had before
  • When you are done go back to the wifi and switch it back on
  • Open the Sims Freeplay game and you’ll have 2,000 more Simoleons than before

Overnight Money

  • Plant beans to grow overnight while you’re sleeping
  • Wait until morning and their you have some money for going to sleep (works best with lots of sims)
  • If you go to school, plant Onions before going since they only take 6 hours to grow

How to get more money with dog

  • Pet dogs can go and find treasure.
  • Built the pet shop to get a more expensive dog
  • The more expensive the dog, the more money it will get.

Garden Money Trick

  • Build the mystery island bridge; have upgraded the “riches” thing.
  • You can earn free money, plant tomatoes in a garden patch fro free; then collect from it. If you are lucky you’ll get extra bonus money

Ghost cash

  • Buy haunted objects(demon picture shown in the bottom of the object)
  • when you get all the ghosts you will first get a ghost containment thing then you will then get 500,000 town points next time you finish it and you also get tons of rewards like 3 lp or 1,000 experience 1,500 experience and 2,000 similions


More money cheats for the post-Carnival update.



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