The Sims FreePlay: Nanny Knows Best Quest Walkthrough

The Sims FreePlay - Nanny Knows Best

“Nanny Knows Best” is a discovery quest in The Sims FreePlay that was added with the most recent “Baby Steps” update in July 2015. The quest is available at level 10 and above, and requires you to have at least one baby in town. It can be started from the Nanny in the park.

Once completed, the “Nanny Knows Best” quest will reward you with New infant interactions and the Musical Expression hobby. If you complete this quest within the five (5) days time limit (timer starts when you tap Nanny Williams in the Park then tap Begin Quest), you will unlock overalls for your infants’ closet.

Below is the complete walkthrough for Nanny Knows Best:

Meet the Nanny (1 min)

How can anyone understand infants? Their cry can mean anything. ANYTHING! How can your Sim not freak out? Who could help? There’s a woman in the rainbow-colored shirt at the park. She HAS to be a nanny. She HAS to!

Have a Sim meet the nanny in the park.

Rant to Nanny Williams (15 mins)

Yes, she’s Nanny Williams and pleased to meet you! A tear slips down your Sim’s cheek. Finally, some help! Nanny Williams asks what’s wrong, and your Sim feels an urge to get their stress of their chest.

Have a Sim rant to Nanny Williams.

Send a Sim to an infant’s home

An infant’s laugh can brighten up a dark day, but they’re definitely a lot of work. Nanny Williams understands! She’ll help you get your Sim’s bundle of joy out of their crib and into their first experiences. Let’s go meet the little one.

Visit a home where an infant is, and Nanny Williams will follow.

Pick up an infant (8 secs)

Your Sim leads Nanny Williams to the crib where their infant normally sleeps… a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice to pick them up? Your Sim is excited and worried, but Nanny Williams will have none of that hesitation.

Have a Sim “Pick Up” an infant from a crib.

Relax with an infant on a couch (15 hrs)

Nanny Williams leans in to say hello to your Sim’s infant. Your Sim doesn’t look very comfortable, so Nanny Williams would like them to start with something simple and calming.

Have a Sim who’s holding an infant “Relax with Infant” on a couch.

Let an infant crawl (3 secs)

Ok… your Sim’s getting the hang of this! Nanny Williams think they’re ready for the next step: letting their infant roam freely. Roam freely? Yikes! Your Sim doesn’t feel ready for that!

Tap on a Sim who is holding an infant, and choose “Let Infant Crawl.”

Make an infant crawl (completes after the infant moves one square, or
to the target)

All of this new freedom for infants! They’re super curious about… well… everything! Oh! They want to have fun and explore. Right now!

Select an infant who’s on the ground, and tap somewhere to make them move just like any other Sim.

Follow obsessively (6 hrs 30 mins)

Oh! Your Sim doesn’t like this. They feel like they’re going to faint. What if the infant crawls into trouble? Or worse? Nanny Williams can’t quite calm your Sim down.

Select an adult Sim, then tap an infant who’s crawling and “Follow Obsessively.”

Clean infant’s mess (12 hrs 30 mins)

Your Sim’s infant has a lot of energy. Left, right, right, then left again. Are they trying to escape your Sim’s watchful eye? Somehow, your Sim’s infant made a mess by knocking over a garbage can.

Have a Sim “Clean up Infant’s Mess” on the knocked over garbage can.

Wash garbage off hands (2 hrs 50 mins)

That garbage smelled awful! What was in it?!… Oh, yes,
baby diapers. Gross! Nanny Williams chuckles a bit. Ah! The challenges of being a parent.

Have a Sim “Wash Garbage Off Hands” at a sink.

Ask Nanny for help (5 hrs 30 mins)

Your Sim’s infant begins to cry for no apparent reason. Are they hungry, tired, hurt? Your Sim looks them over, but can’t find anything wrong. What if touching them makes things worse? Maybe Nanny Williams knows what this crying means.

Have a Sim ask Nanny Williams for help.

Cry to be picked up (3 secs)

Nanny Williams calmly asks questions to your Sim. Diaper? Last feeding? Everything seems good, so there’s one option left… Your Sim’s infant is on their last nerve.

First select an infant, then tap on an adult Sim and “Cry For” them to
get picked up.

Rock to sleep (19 hrs)

Your Sim’s infant calms down a bit after being picked up and blinks slowly. That’s it! They’re tired! Nanny Williams suggests that your Sim rocks their infant.

Make sure a Sim is holding an infant, then tap on a crib and choose
“Rock to Sleep.”

Check Simbook (2 hrs)

Your Sim’s young one is peacefully asleep. Now that they have a bit of time to themselves, your Sim realizes they haven’t checked in with their friends in ages. Since everything is under control, Nanny Williams decides to take a small break, too. She promises to be right back.

Have a Sim check Simbook on a computer.

– Pick up infant (8 secs)

(Every message on Simbook says something like “When can we
see them?” and “We are so happy for you!” Your Sim is looking around
for pictures to share when a cry erupts in the distance.

Have a Sim pick up their infant again.)

Buy a Highchair (§ 1,000 or § 3,500 or 10 SP

Oh no! Nanny Williams is gone, and your Sim is having a crisis. They shouldn’t panic. What were the questions Nanny asked before? Diaper? Still fine. Last feeding? That must be the problem, but they need a highchair first!

Have a Sim buy a highchair from the ‘Infant’ section of the Home Store.

Place infant in Highchair (5 secs, Make sure there is a square free
BEHIND the chair!)

The face of your Sim’s infant turns red as they cry harder. Your Sim can feel their heart beat faster. What if they’re wrong? What if Nanny never comes back? Your Sim has got to get a grip and stick with the plan.

With a Sim holding an infant selected, tap on the high chair to place the infant in it.

Search for “Soft Food” in a refridgerator (8 hrs 30 mins)

Ok, your Sim’s infant is seated. Something’s missing. What? Your Sim can hardly focus, and they glance around helplessly. Food! What can infants eat? They don’t even have teeth!

Have a Sim search a refrigerator for “Soft Food.”

Play with Food (9 hrs 30 mins)

Your Sim places some food in front of their infant, and with a soft gasp, their cries turn into a gurgling giggle. Your Sim wonders how to get an infant to eat anything?! Their infant won’t wait for your Sim to decide.

Select an infant in a highchair, then tap on them again and “Play with Food”.

Ask the Nanny where she went (15 mins)

Food… everywhere… It’s a mess. Your Sim can’t do this. Your Sim’s infant burst into laughter that would warm the loneliest hearts. Your Sim can’t help but laugh, too. So there’s a mess. Big deal! There’s a brief tap on the door, and Nanny Williams walks in.

Have a Sim ask Nanny Williams where she went.

Feed Soft Food (2 hrs 30 mins)

Nanny Williams smiles as she explains that she just went to get baby food. She thinks your Sim’s infant has an interesting sense of fashion, but how about eating the food instead of wearing it?

Have an adult Sim feed an infant “Soft Food” in a highchair.

Post photo on Simbook (13 hrs)

Nanny Williams snapped a picture of your Sim feeding their infant and all the glorious mess around them. So cute! Nanny Williams says she will clean up the mess. After all, she’s there to help! Why doesn’t your Sim post the photo on Simbook?

Have a Sim post a photo on Simbook from a computer.

Ask Nanny Williams to help a friend (3 hrs 30 mins)

The comments come flooding in almost instantly. “How cute!” and “They have your eyes!”  A friend sends your Sim a private message and says that they really need some help with their new infant.

Have a Sim ask Nanny Williams if she could help another Sim.

Hug the Nanny Goodbye (3 hrs 30 mins)

Your Sim feels relieved. First, because they feel as though they can handle everything, and second, because Nanny Williams agreed to help your Sim’s friend. Nanny Williams smiles to your Sim and encourages them to stay calm and just enjoy their infant. They grow so fast!

Have a Sim hug Nanny Williams goodbye.

The Sims FreePlay Nanny Knows Best - Congratulations


New interactions are now available for your infants. Let them leave the crib and explore their world! You’ve also received the cute infant xylophone available from the Promotions R Us store! Have an infant use the xylophone to begin the Musical Expression hobby!

(A limited-time prize is available for the Musical Expression hobby! Complete the hobby within the time limit and earn a Baby Jumper for your infant Sims – 7 Days)


You have received a selection of adorable infant Overalls! Find them inside any wardrobe.


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