The Sims FreePlay Lunar New Year 2015: Day 6 Walkthrough

Continuing the Lunar New Year in The Sims FreePlay, today (February 15, 2015) is day three of the event. We’ve got a whole new set of tasks to complete. Remember, completing the quest within the time limit allows access to the Lion costume for two Sims to wear.

The “Red Lanterns” which are shown in the park throughout the event become available for purchase when the event starts. Any purchases made will not count against the two that are required to be bought on Day 6. Similar to the Xmas and New Year’s quests, the Lunar New Year 2015 quest line is split up into separate days and will not appear again.

Day 6 (February 17, 2015) Walkthrough

Step 1. Find 8 Red Packets (10 minutes for each cheer)

Now that the final guest has been invited, more red packets are needed. Cheer for the lion dancers in the park until you earn another 8 red packets.

Step 2: Sweep Floors with a Broom (3 hours 30 minutes)

Uh oh, your Sim forgot to clean the kitchen floor! Remember how they swept the floors earlier by using the broom inside the classic cupboard? If you can’t find your classic cupboard, buy another in the ‘Counter Tops’ category of your Home Store. Select the cupboard and choose ‘Sweep House’.

Step 3: Buy 2 Red Lanterns (§4000 each)

There is no better decoration for the Lunar New Year than a couple of red lanterns. Buy two of them from the ‘Lighting’ category of the Home Store.

Step 4: Have 2 Sims Sweeping Floors (3 hours 30 minutes, but completes as soon as the second Sim starts)

The house still looks a little dirty, but maybe a friend can help clean. Have 2 Sims sweeping floors at the same time. Remember to use a classic cupboard and press ‘Sweep House.’

Wonderful! Everything is ready for the Lunar New Year reunion dinner! Come back in X hours to celebrate the big event!

Continue to Day 7.


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