The Sims FreePlay Lunar New Year 2015: Day 5 Walkthrough

Continuing the Lunar New Year in The Sims FreePlay, today (February 15, 2015) is day three of the event. We’ve got a whole new set of tasks to complete. Remember, completing the quest within the time limit allows access to the Lion costume for two Sims to wear.

The “Red Lanterns” which are shown in the park throughout the event become available for purchase when the event starts. Any purchases made will not count against the two that are required to be bought on Day 6. Similar to the Xmas and New Year’s quests, the Lunar New Year 2015 quest line is split up into separate days and will not appear again.

Day 5 (February 17, 2015) Walkthrough


Step 1. Contemplate on a Couch (4 minutes)

Your Sim forgot somebody from the Lunar New Year reunion dinner guest list, but they’re not sure who it is. Who could it be?

Have them sit on a couch and ‘Contemplate’ who might be missing from the guest list.

Step 2: Use SimBook on a Computer (12 minutes)

Even after all of that contemplation, they still can’t remember who they forgot to invite. Maybe browsing the friends list on SimBook will help remind them. Use SimBook on a Computer.

Step 3. Read Private Message on a Computer (6 minutes 24 seconds)

There’s a private message on SimBook! It’s from… a Sim-eating plant? But… your Sim isn’t friends with a Sim-eating plant! How strange. Select ‘Read Private Message’ on a computer

Step 4: Private Message Received!

“Deer <Sim>, I know who is missing from your guest list. I’ll tell you who it is, but only if you can do something to make me laugh.”

Step 5: Grow and Harvest Watermeltons (1 hour)

How could a Sim-eating plant possibly know who’s missing from the guest list? Well, just ignore it for now and go back to preparing food for the dinner. Grow and harvest watermelons in a garden patch.

Step 6: Ask a Sim-Eating Plant About Guest List (8 minutes)

Hey, it’s the Sim-eating plant! But, it shouldn’t appear when you grow watermelson! Maybe it really does know who your Sim forgot. Ask it who’s missing from the guest list.

Step 7: Dance for the Sim-Eating Plant (8 hours 30 minutes)

That’s right, it will only say who’s missing from the guest list if your Sim makes it laugh. What’s funnier than a chicken dance? Exactly, nothing! Do the chicken dance for the Sim-eating plant.

Step 8: Invite Final Guest on a Phone (10 minutes)

That’s right! While inside the Sim-eating plant’s belly, your Sim remember who was missing from the guest list! Wow… all of that being upside down must have jogged their memory. Call the final guest to the Lunar New Year reunion dinner.

Your Sims has invited the final guest to the Lunar New Year reunion dinner! Great!

Come back in X hours (after midnight) to see what happens next.

Continue to Day 6.


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