The Sims FreePlay Lunar New Year 2015: Day 3 Walkthrough

Continuing the Lunar New Year in The Sims FreePlay, today (February 15, 2015) is day three of the event. We’ve got a whole new set of tasks to complete. Remember, completing the quest within the time limit allows access to the Lion costume for two Sims to wear.

The “Red Lanterns” which are shown in the park throughout the event become available for purchase when the event starts. Any purchases made will not count against the two that are required to be bought on Day 6. Similar to the Xmas and New Year’s quests, the Lunar New Year 2015 quest line is split up into separate days and will not appear again.

Day 3 (February 16, 2015) Walkthrough

Step 1: Bake Chocolate Pudding (2 hours)

That’s it! Now your Sim has all the ingredients for the main dish. it’s time to start on the desserts! Yum! They are very excited about cooking their specialty Chocolate Pudding. Bake ‘Choc Pudding’ in an oven)

Step 2: Search for “cookies That Sims Love” on a computer (4 mins) 

Your Sim wants to find a special, new dessert recipe that they haven’t tried before. Look up “Cookies that Sims Love” on the internet. NOTE: Computers can be purchased from the “Electronics” category of the Home Store

Step 3: Read Cookie Recipe Book from a Bookshelf (12 mins)

Huh, apparently Sims love Plumbob Cookies. No really, that’s what the internet actually says. Anyway, look for hte recipe in the “Cookie Recipe Book” on a bookshelf. NOTE: Bookshelf can be purchased from the “Living Room” category of the Home Store.

Step 4: Bake Cookies in a Stove (1 min)

You Sim has the cookie recipe memorized. It’s time to get baking! Have a Sim bake cookies in a stove

Step 5: Send Invitations on a Computer (4 min)

The dinner is coming along great and your Sims i ready to move onto something else. Oh, invitations! They should really be sent out to the family. Use a computer to ‘Send invitations’ on SimBook

Step 6: Invite Family by Phone (3 hours 30 min)

Okay, family was invited through SimBook, but not everybody uses it. They should also be called. Invite them by pressing ‘Invite Family’ from a telephone.

Your Sim sent off the invitations for the family reunion! Come back in __ hours (after midnight) to find out what happens next!

Day 3 of the Lunar New Year Event 2015 complete!

Continue to Day 4.


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